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He is a designer and engineer based in SF who fuses design, media, and science to create experimental atmospheres to redefine the interaction between humans, the environment, and computers.

My Work



Opia is a tabletop smart mirror that gives personalized compliments to its user.

Part of the creation of an innovative illustration system that utilizes 3D objects and scenes to visualize messaging in a subtle way and to emphasize the brand's dynamic personality. 

Bundle News

Designed the Application's rounded version, iOS 14 Widget and their website. 


Spectrumal is a Contemporary Experimental Website to conceptualize abstract words created with p5js library entirely created by me.


The Fundeus website diagnoses cataract, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy using fundus images by a machine learning-based interactive system. 

GROW: A Smart Bottle that Uses its Surface as an Ambient Display to Motivate Daily Water Intake

We present Grow, a conceptual smart bottle prototype designed to encourage users to drink water regularly.