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Web Application Design

I am the head designer of the startup called and had a chance to work interdisciplinary. My responsibilities are to identify and develop design strategies and plans based on market trends and competitor’s activities. Designing a whole new UI for the website, their applications. Ensuring smooth implementation of design plans by coordinating front-end/back-end developers and product teams. During the process, I had a chance to work with programs I have never try such as After Effects to design JSON animations.


Creating the Vagon Computer Experience

Buying a new computer is always an incredible moment for all of us. Removing the cover, opening the box slowly, and seeing the shiny new gear!

We wanted to provide the same excitement of this experience to our new users.

Vagon is your cloud computer, so we replicate the basics from physical devices to make it simple. Guess what the “Run” button does: pretty obvious. That is the feeling we exactly wanted to mimic. You create your computer, configure your preferences, and then power up and unleash the beast.

Take a deep breath and click “Run Computer”, and the button will come alive, like a living thing that breathes in and out.



The dock is the place that our users set their preferences for their computers and engage their Vagon experience with their physical computers.

We respect our users’ time and livened up our dock design and its capabilities with a new fresh look. The categorized design makes it easier to scan for the options and tools you may use on a daily basis.

Most computer actions are located in the dock to enable one-click changes, such as the virtual keyboard.

The whole new UI is visually unified and redesigned to be more functional and user-friendly.



I designed Vagon Files, an integrated personal file system to ease file transfers. The pain point, we observed from the users was the long execution time of the local files. By designing Vagon Files, we enabled them to store their files in our cloud servers which enables us to process big files so much faster than before.

The user interface and the interactions of the Files are designed based on existing cloud storage applications to ensure a smooth transition for users to start using our systems. However, there are additional features and design components that differentiate us and make the process both similar and unique.


Create Computer - Purpose of Use
Create Computer - Preinstall Software
Create Computer - Subscription
Dashboard - Run - Step 1
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