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Landing Page Design and
Visual Assets

Vagon is a cloud computer provider that provide a collaborative workspace for creatives with a limitless hardware capability. Even an emerging digital artist can create a high-poly 3D geometry, edit a video with Adobe Premiere Pro, or run SideFX Houdini simulations from an ordinary laptop by using Vagon. Starting from this point, we redesigned all Vagon applications to provide the best and most powerful cloud computing experience for creatives! We wanted to share our story about the creative process of generating our brand new look, how we created our user journey, and the problems we’ve solved.


My Role

I am the only UI-UX Designer of the team; therefore, I am in charge of designing the whole user experience flows, application interface and landing pages according to the user qualitative and quantitative data. I ensure smooth implementation of design plans by coordinating with developers and the product team.

I was also a part of the creation of an innovative illustration world that utilizes 3D objects and scenes to visualize messaging in a subtle way and to emphasize the brand's dynamic personality. This way, Vagon connects with its user base which is creatives with various experience levels from students to professional artists.

Creating a Unique & Inspiring Brand Identity

Marty Neumeier, a branding pioneer, defines brand identity as “the outward expression of a brand, including its trademark, name, communications, and visual appearance.” In other words, brand identity is the sum of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to its users.

We collaborated with the Sömestr Studio, Istanbul based creative studio, to recalibrate our strategy and redesign our visual language. They created a unique and memorable brand identity, logo, typography, color scheme, and visual assets from scratch.

Our user base deals with cutting edge creative technology and 3D is getting more popular by the day. Therefore this new look was an elegant way to create the identity of Vagon which incorporates 3D compositions to create a new and vivid visual style. Custom typeface is designed to be used throughout all Vagon products and communication.


Advert Cognitive Aspects in User Experience

It doesn’t matter how excellent your product is, especially if you are working with creatives. We challenged ourselves to create the best experience to highlight the technology of Vagon, by creating a flawless UX.

There are a bunch of cognitive biases and principles that help us to improve our user experience. We set our priorities to focus on user psychology to design a familiar, consistent, and friendly interface to achieve a perfect balance between the expectations of our users and their intended outcomes.


Example Flow: Run Computer


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